Surgery for Presbyopia


The most indicated for the presbyopia surgery is to wait till it has fully developed, which is more or less around the 50´s an d then carry out a photorefractive surgery, as we had previously mentioned, it is a surgery which is exactly the same as cataract surgery, carried out on the transparent lens or slightly sclerotic with the aim of introducing an inter-ocular tri-focal lens (LIO) which obtains a good far, intermediate and near eye sight.


The LIO have evolved over the last few years, the multi-focal LIO which had been used for many years presented an inconvenience which was the intermediate eye sight (computer screens, telephones) and frequently halos around lights which caused limitations regarding night vision when driving, it was there for very important to take into account the diameter of the pupils and so not everyone was apt for this surgery.


With the new tri-focal LIO the halos have been reduced so much that they are almost not perceived and they are not a bother for any action, the far sight is very good in all cases, the intermediate permits one to work with a computer mainly and the near sight to read normally.

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