The not coordinated deviation of the visual axes of two eyes, when it is not possible to solve with optical correction glasses or by means ofortóptica exercises especially in children before 8 years of age to avoid theambliopía, vague eye, we can resort to thesurgical treatment that always cosists of debilitating or reinforcing someone (s) of the muscles that control the ocular movements.


The weakening can be done by means of the intramuscular toxin injection botulínic, botox, in light cases orchanging the insertion of the muscle, there in forcement is obtained doing a crease in the muscle or the same way changing its insertion.


The complexity of the action of the muscles that must act in coordination in both eyes does that this subspecialty of the ophthalmology and the exhaustive study of the ocular movements is the very important before realizing an intervention surgical to determine what muscles must be debilitated or reinforced and in what magnitude, often it is necessary to produce both eyes.

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