Glaucoma englobes a group of pathologies that cause progressive damage to the optic nerve and visual field due to loss of nervous fibres caused by abnormally high intraocular pressure . This problem is produced when the drainage of the aqueous humour (liquid produced inside the eye) is being altered or obstructed , provoking an increase of intraocular pressure. There also exists a type of glaucoma where damage to the optic nerve is produced with “normal” ocular pressure.


If Glaucoma is not treated and the damage to the optic nerve fibres is progressive, the patient can get to lose his visual field and visual acuity reaching blindness in extreme cases. This pathology is gradual and the symptoms tend to appear when advanced damage has already occurred.


High intraocular pressure is treated:


1. With pharmaceuticals (eye drops)


2. Laser surgery: there are different types of laser surgery according to the gravity of each case and the carecteristics of each eye:


SLT laser treatment (Selective Laser trabeculoplasty) is a modern nonsurgical laser alternative that we apply in the treatment of many glaucoma cases with very high success rate and absolute safety.


3. Surgery: Subscleral trabeculectomy with its variants wether penetrating or nonpenetrating, Valvular surgery or implants, are applied when considered adecuate after thoroughly studying each care.

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